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In New Jersey, you need a reliable furnace for the colder months. With temperatures plummeting to below freezing during the winter months, you need to be able to count on your home’s heating system to keep you and your family warm and comfortable. If you recently built a home or need your furnace replaced, choose Woolley Home Solutions for furnace replacement in New Jersey.

Experts advise a thorough furnace inspection at the start of the season. Many times, the service needed to ensure your furnace continues to function properly will be minimal. However, beginning around the time your furnace is 15 years old, you should start anticipating a new furnace installation for your New Jersey home.

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Signs Your Furnace Is Failing

Not all furnace problems result in new furnace installation in New Jersey, and a furnace repair may solve the problem altogether. However, if you find your furnace needs repairs more frequently, it may be time to weigh the cost and opt for a new furnace installation in New Jersey.

Sometimes, the need for furnace installation in New Jersey is less subtle. There are more obvious signs you need to replace your home’s heating system before it shuts down completely. Knowing what to watch out for is key in planning your furnace installation in New Jersey before it’s too late.

When your furnace starts to make noises out-of-the-ordinary, it’s time to call the certified service experts at Woolley Home Solutions. Bumping, clanking, grinding, hissing, and squealing can all indicate serious mechanical issues with the fan or motor and may point to a new furnace installation in New Jersey.

If you find you need to turn up the thermostat more often to warm your home, there may be an issue with your heating system. Likewise, if your power or gas bills reflect a sudden jump in usage, you need to have your furnace inspected. More often than not, if your furnace is over 15 and you notice it works but not very efficiently, you need to replace your heating system.

Why Choose Woolley Home Solutions for Furnace Installation?

The tradition of reliability and professionalism that began nearly a century ago has continued. Woolley Home Solutions serves our neighbors in and around the Maplewood area with the same goal we’ve had since 1924 and gaurnantees your complete satisfaction. Whether you need HVAC, plumbing, or furnace installation in New Jersey, you can count on Woolley Home Solutions to do the job.

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Luxaire HVAC Dealer in New Jersey

Here at Woolley Home Solutions, we take great pride to be a Luxaire HVAC dealer. As such, we offer you and your New Jersey neighbors the best in Luxaire HVAC products and services, including:

  • Luxaire furnace repair
  • Luxaire furnace installation
  • Luxaire furnace replacement

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When your furnace can no longer heat your home efficiently and reliably, it may be time to consider a furnace installation in New Jersey. Contact Woolley Home Solutions at the first sign of furnace failure or if you simply want to upgrade to a more effective and efficient model. Stay ahead of the cold this winter with a new furnace installation from Woolley Home Solutions!

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