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If you are looking to stay warm and comfortable this winter, you may want to have your furnace serviced and diagnosed, before the colder temperatures set in. Having your furnace checked and maintained can help ensure that everything is in working order and that when that first cold day of winter arrives you are prepared.

Whether you are looking for repairs, replacement, or installation, Woolley Home Solutions can help you with your furnace service in New Jersey. Woolley Home Solutions was established in 1924, in the beginning we delivered coal, ice, and wood, to homeowners. We have since then grown to offer heating, cooling, and plumbing services. This is in addition to our biodiesel and propane sales.

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Our furnace service in New Jersey offers our customers reliable services, that can keep your furnace up and running. An average furnace will last around 15 years, when properly maintained you may be able to stretch your furnaces lifespan out, however around 15 years is when you usually begin to see your furnace aging. We can help diagnose your older furnace and let you know what the best options are.  If you are in need of a new furnace we can bring our knowledge and expertise to the table in helping you install a furnace in your home that will meet your heating needs for many winters to come.

If your furnace is only in need of repairs, our qualified heating specialists can diagnose and repair your furnace, so that your home stays comfortable and efficient, throughout the long winter months.

Services for Any Type of Furnace

All furnaces are not created equal. There are a variety of furnace types. Over the years, opinions and preferences have changed, leading to several types of furnaces being installed in homes in our area.

The three most popular types of furnaces installed in New Jersey are:

  • Oil Furnaces
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Electric Furnaces

Over the years, oil furnaces have gone from the primary source of heat to a still popular, but less frequently used source of heat. Although new, modern oil furnaces can still be purchased and installed, many of the new furnaces installed today are natural gas. Whether you have an oil furnace and would like to replace it with a newer, more efficient oil furnace or you would like to convert your oil furnace to natural gas, the professionals at Woolley Home Solutions can help.

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No matter what type of furnace service in New Jersey you are looking for Woolley Home Solutions can help. We provide reliable service and pride ourselves in our high level of customer service.

Contact us today so that you don’t get left in the cold this winter.

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"While a number of fleets in New Jersey, including the Department of Transportation, have used biodiesel blends for many years, this pump opening marks the first time biodiesel will be sold directly to consumers in the state. We commend Woolley...

Joe Jobe CEO (National Biodiesel Board)
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