Furnace Tune-Ups & Inspections In Montclair, NJ

There are two important ways to maintain a furnace: change or clean the filter monthly, and call for a professional furnace tune-up annually. In Montclair, NJ, you can get a furnace inspection, cleaning, and more from the trusted HVAC experts at Woolley Home Solutions. As the winter drags on, you’ll be glad that you made the sensible choice with a furnace tune-up in Montclair!

Annual furnace maintenance may even be required to keep your warranty valid. Just as importantly, our Montclair furnace tune-up brings the immediate benefits of an energy-efficient heating system that runs in top shape all year.

Call 973-762-7400 to book a furnace tune-up in the Montclair, NJ area.

Montclair Furnace Inspections & Maintenance

If you’ve ever had to bundle up indoors because your heater stopped running on a freezing day, you know how unpleasant a furnace failure can be. Most furnace problems are preventable with routine maintenance. Furnaces should last 15 years, if not much longer, with only occasional repairs needed. Our Montclair furnace tune-ups can help you stay warm year after year, for as long as possible.

An annual furnace tune-up in Montclair offers many benefits:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • More consistent heating in all rooms
  • Safety against gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Fewer unplanned furnace repairs
  • Maximized life expectancy for a furnace
  • Maintain your furnace warranty
  • Typically cheaper and easier to schedule than emergency repairs

Furnace Tune-Up Specialists In Montclair, NJ

The technicians from Woolley Home Solutions use excellent diagnostics tools and draw on many years of experience and training, so we can provide an expert inspection and furnace tune-up in Montclair.

Founded here in Essex County back in 1924, our company prides itself on a reputation for keeping our customers comfortable and satisfied. Woolley Home Solutions offers top-quality service and fully licensed technicians who can do the job right.

What to Expect During a Furnace Tune-Up

Just like an auto tune-up, furnace maintenance involves a battery of tests and numerous small adjustments. At Woolley Home Solutions, we do everything necessary to get your furnace in shape.

  • Furnace cleaning, internal and external
  • Fuel pump and nozzle cleaning
  • Airflow testing
  • Ignitor switch (pilot light) testing
  • Oil pump or gas pressure testing and adjustment
  • Burner cleaning and adjustment
  • Chimney base and flue pipe cleaning
  • Safety control inspection and testing
  • Motor and bearing lubrication as needed
  • And more!

Montclair Furnace Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Make your appointment ASAP for a furnace tune-up in Montclair to get the most out of your home heating this year. For added protection, you can also take advantage of our tune-up plans for scheduled service and more maintenance benefits all year long.

Call 973-762-7400 today or contact us online for furnace tune-ups in Montclair, NJ by our friendly, licensed technicians in Essex County.

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