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If you have an old, outdated, and unreliable boiler, it may be time to think about replacing your current unit with a new, dependable, and energy efficient model. Trust the professionals at Woolley Home Solutions to get the job done right. Backed by 90 years of experience in the heating business, your neighborhood heating, cooling and plumbing specialists have the keen knowledge and experience to help keep your New Jersey home warm and cozy as the winter winds blow.

The boiler method for heating homes dates back over a century. While it’s unlikely your boiler is that old, boilers are known for their long life. Your boiler has probably provided you and your family with many warm nights and, even though it may not be as efficient as the newer models, you’ve always depended on your boiler to get you through the frigid winters in this part of the country.

A broken boiler can be a huge expense to operate, inflating your heating bills unnecessarily, and, depending on the problem, your old boiler could even pose a threat to your home and family, if you don’t have your system inspected by a professional. Although there are several factors which go into deciding whether to repair or replace your boiler, once it stops working, you may be too late.

If you are looking to replace the boiler in your New Jersey home, contact the heating professionals at Woolley Home Solutions today!

Common Boiler Problems & Issues

You can’t always predict the moment when your boiler is going to stop working, but there are some signs an impending breakdown is about to occur. By knowing what to look for, you can save yourself from uncomfortable and shivering nights with no heat.

  • A Sudden Increase in Fuel Costs – If you notice higher fuel bills, especially a sudden rise in your bill, the logical assumption is that your unit is requiring more fuel to maintain your home’s heat. This can point to a whole list of problems, most indicative of an old system, about to break down. At the first sign of rising fuel costs, with no recent fuel company increase in price, call a professional and have your system inspected.
  • Leaks, Rust, and Scaling – If you begin to notice substantial leaks, not simply condensation, or rusty puddles, or scaling around your pipes, you need to have your system inspected. These leaks and faulty pipes are a sign that your boiler isn’t functioning correctly. You could be risking a breakdown of your home’s heating system.
  • Odor – any unusual odor coming from your heat vents is cause for concern. You should call a professional immediately as not only is it possible your boiler is failing, you and your family could be in danger of breathing in noxious and harmful fumes. A new boiler is likely in order.

If your boiler is experiencing one of these problems or any other issues that seem out of the ordinary, contact the professionals at Woolley Home Solutions today!

Schedule Boiler Replacement in New Jersey Today!

When replacing your old system, remember Woolley Home Solutions has a full line of the most efficient boilers available. Having been around for nine decades, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and we’re proud to share our knowledge with you. Our experience has allowed us to work with all manner of budgets and provide financing for qualified customers. No one should ever worry about heating their home and at Woolley Home Solutions we’ll do our best to make sure you’re new boiler is up and running in very short order.

So, if your home’s boiler isn’t what it used to be, if it’s beginning to show signs of age and inefficiency, don’t wait until it gives out one cold New Jersey night. Contact Woolley Home Solutions today and schedule a no-obligation appointment. You can have the professionals at Woolley inspect your boiler and advise you the way to go.

Woolley Home Solutions provides boiler services throughout the northern New Jersey area, including (but not limited to):

07920 – Basking Ridge, NJ 07935 – Green Village, NJ 07079 – South Orange, NJ
07939 – Lyons, NJ 07033 – Kenilworth, NJ 07081 – Springfield, NJ
07921 – Bedminster, NJ 07938 – Liberty Corner, NJ 07980 – Stirling, NJ
07922 – Berkeley Heights, NJ 07940 – Madison, NJ 07901 – Summit, NJ
07924 – Bernardsville, NJ 07040 – Maplewood, NJ 07999 – Whippany, NJ
08807 – Bridgewater, NJ 07041 – Millburn, NJ 07083 – Union, NJ
07928 – Chatham Township, NJ 07946 – Millington, NJ 07059 – Warren, NJ
07930 – Chester, NJ 07092 – Mountainside, NJ 07060 – Plainfield, NJ
07016 – Cranford NJ 07974 – New Providence NJ
07931 – Far Hills, NJ 07976 – New Vernon, NJ
07933 – Gillette, NJ 07078 – Short Hills, NJ

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