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In Northern New Jersey, winters can get cold quick and stay that way. Snow and ice are a major part of the landscape from November through March, and on those cold New Jersey winter days-and nights, you want your home heated in a manner you can trust. You want a dependable, reliable system which will provide your family with a safe, comfortable home inside, no matter the temperature outside.

Woolley Home Solutions, your hometown professionals for all your heating needs, understands this. Having been in Maplewood for 90 years, Woolley Home Solutions has seen it all. From the first days of the Woolley Coal Company, to the introduction of safe, green bio-fuels used for heating your home, Woolley has been there.

Woolley Home Solutions has grown with the times, seeing the needs of the community and answering the call, maintaining the same values all along, while providing cutting edge technology in all things heating, cooling, and plumbing. From installation, to replacement to repair, you can count on Woolley Home Solutions for all of your needs in Northeastern New Jersey.

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Boiler Repair & Replacement in New Jersey

Boilers are one of the earliest sources for providing heat for your New Jersey home, and they’re still a popular choice today. Boilers remain popular because of their reliability, and their longevity. There are a few different options when you’re looking to install or replace your old boiler, but remember, the efficiency of your boiler depends on the installation. You want your boiler installed by a professional with the experience and knowledge that guarantees it’s done right the first time, and performs right every time.

The professional technicians at Woolley Home Solutions are experts in the business of boilers. Trained and certified, a Woolley technician will make sure the job is done right and won’t leave until he or she is satisfied that you and your family can look forward to many warm and comfortable New Jersey winter days-and nights-ahead.

Woolley Home Solutions sells and services all of the high-efficiency brands of boilers, and many other heating systems. By replacing your home’s old, worn out heating system with a brand new and energy efficient model, you’ll see a return on your investment with your first heating bill. What’s more, Woolley Home Solutions stands behind their products. If you’re not fully satisfied, let us know and we’ll take steps to make you completely happy about your new installation.

Boiler Maintenance

Boiler service is crucial as the winter winds howl. By calling on the professionals at Woolley Home Solutions for a boiler inspection, you can save your family from agonizingly frigid nights with no heat. Our seasoned boiler repair technicians will inspect and service your unit to ensure you’ll sleep safe and worry-free night after night.

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When Herbert Woolley and his brother, Norman, founded the heating business in 1924, they opened their doors with one thing in mind, to provide excellent service to their Maplewood community. Over the years, through reputation and skill, the Woolley Home Solutions company has grown to become the most reliable and expert heating, cooling and plumbing people in northeastern New Jersey.

Woolley Home Solutions stands by their products and service just as they did 90 years ago. If you need repairs to your existing boiler, or you’re in the market for a new boiler, or if you’d like to find out ways to save your energy dollars by replacing your current boiler, contact the dedicated professionals at Woolley Home Solutions. When winter’s wind blows outside your home, we’ll help keep you warm.

Woolley Home Solutions provides boiler services throughout the northern New Jersey area, including (but not limited to):

07920 – Basking Ridge, NJ 07935 – Green Village, NJ 07079 – South Orange, NJ
07939 – Lyons, NJ 07033 – Kenilworth, NJ 07081 – Springfield, NJ
07921 – Bedminster, NJ 07938 – Liberty Corner, NJ 07980 – Stirling, NJ
07922 – Berkeley Heights, NJ 07940 – Madison, NJ 07901 – Summit, NJ
07924 – Bernardsville, NJ 07040 – Maplewood, NJ 07999 – Whippany, NJ
08807 – Bridgewater, NJ 07041 – Millburn, NJ 07083 – Union, NJ
07928 – Chatham Township, NJ 07946 – Millington, NJ 07059 – Warren, NJ
07930 – Chester, NJ 07092 – Mountainside, NJ 07060 – Plainfield, NJ
07016 – Cranford NJ 07974 – New Providence NJ
07931 – Far Hills, NJ 07976 – New Vernon, NJ
07933 – Gillette, NJ 07078 – Short Hills, NJ

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"While a number of fleets in New Jersey, including the Department of Transportation, have used biodiesel blends for many years, this pump opening marks the first time biodiesel will be sold directly to consumers in the state. We commend Woolley...

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