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Summers in northern New Jersey can be hot, humid, and uncomfortable.  Did you know the  average daily temperatures is  nearly 90 degrees? Combine that with typical humidity of nearly 70% and you have very uncomfortable summer conditions.

Area residents who heat their homes with baseboard heating, wall heating and radiator heat, as well as those with systems that won’t support central, or whole house air conditioners, may have believed air conditioning was just a pipedream.  Older homes, built before the concept of whole home comfort systems, may not structurally accommodate ductwork.  Beyond the less-than-efficient window unit air conditioners, those with older modes of home heat were thought to be out of luck, forced to ride-out the summer perched in front of a box fan, or window unit, in an attempt to gain comfort.

If you’re considering a ductless air conditioning system from your home, contact us today. Our cooling specialists can help you choose a ductless AC system that fits both your needs and your budget!

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Ductless AC Systems Can Work in All Homes

If your home is not currently designed for a central air system, why not cool off with a ductless air conditioning system?   Ductless air conditioners, as the name implies, don’t need ductwork to cool your home.  There are two main components of ductless air conditioners, sometimes called a split-system, a unit, mounted in the upper area of a wall in your home, and a compressor, outside, and adjacent to your home.  Refrigerant is delivered to the indoor unit through tubing, connected to the compressor.

The outside compressor works to cool the air and power the fan on the inside unit, distributing cool air throughout the area in your home.  Hot inside air is pumped out through the interior unit, and fed to the compressor, cooled and recirculated.  Ductless air conditioners provide the most efficient way to cool your Maplewood, NJ home, should you have a ductless method of climate control.

Trust the Experts For Your Ductless AC System

For ductless air conditioning in the Maplewood and surrounding area, trust Woolley Home Solutions.  The expert air conditioning contractors at Woolley Home Solutions specialize in ductless air conditioning.  For 90 years, Maplewood residents have come to trust Woolley Home Solutions with their home comfort.  Our knowledgeable service technicians can install your ductless air conditioning and have you cool and comfy, with little disruption to your home.

Count on Woolley Home Solutions to maintain and repair your ductless air conditioner if the need arises.  Should your AC’s performance be less than ideal, you may consider one of the newer, more thorough, and technologically advanced ductless air conditioners on the market.   Not only are the newer units more affordable, but the energy efficiency of these models is unsurpassed.

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Your Woolley Home Solutions AC experts can advise you on the best ductless unit for your home.  For smaller homes, or those which have been utilizing window unit air conditioners to provide cool comfort, a ductless air conditioner can do a much more thorough job, and cost far less to operate, in most cases.

So, if you’ve been spending your summer days, suffering in a hot house, or loitering in the refrigerator section of your local grocery store, seeking comfort, contact Woolley Home Solutions for a cost-effective cooling solution.  When it comes to HVAC-installation, maintenance and repair in New Jersey – trust Woolley Home Solutions with your ductless cooling needs.

Woolley Home Solutions is an ductless AC installer providing service throughout the northern New Jersey area, including (but not limited to):

Basking Ridge, NJ Bedminster, NJ Bernardsville, NJ Chester, NJ
New Vernon, NJ Plainfield, NJ South Orange, NJ Union, NJ
Warren, NJ Essex County, NJ Morris County, NJ
Somerset County, NJ Union County, NJ

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