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When the mercury climbs and the weather outside is hot and sticky, you count on your home to be cool and comfortable.  If your AC unit fails you, you need to look to the experts at Woolley Home Solutions for air conditioning service in New Jersey.

You rely on your cooling system to maintain a pleasant home environment all through the day, and more importantly, the night. But what do you do when your air conditioning system malfunctions?  Turn to the knowledgeable air conditioning service and repair professionals at Woolley Home Solutions to have your system chilling in short order.  Our licensed and experienced New Jersey service technicians are known for their quality work in and around the Maplewood, NJ area.  Trained in the latest technology and specializing in the most popular home air conditioning systems, our air conditioning service technicians are adept in all areas of AC repair, AC maintenance, and other routine AC services.

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Woolley Home Solutions – A Legacy of Air Conditioning Services in New Jersey

What began, in 1924, as a way to provide our Maplewood neighbors with a local source for fuel, has evolved over the better part of a century, into one of the most advanced and dependable plumbing and HVAC specialists in the state of New Jersey.  Our technicians and contractors are skilled craftsmen and strive to keep you, the customer, happy.

Woolley Home Solutions respects your need for fast air conditioner service.  We understand no one wants to suffer through uncomfortable days and sleepless nights, waiting on an AC repairman.  We take your trust in our company very seriously and will do everything we can to have your air conditioner repaired and cooling your home as quickly as possible.  Our AC service is unsurpassed in the northern New Jersey area, winning the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2013.

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Air Conditioner Replacement

Not all home cooling systems are easily repaired.  If your air conditioner is an older model, and has been the source of frequent service calls, it may be time to schedule air conditioner replacement.  Your Woolley Home Solutions expert can guide you in choosing a new AC unit, and save you money, in the long-and-short-run.  A new air conditioning system can actually cut your power bills by as much as 50% in the first month.  Woolley Home Solutions will install your new AC unit and provide maintenance to guarantee your home stays cool for many years to come.

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Our Air Conditioning Service Areas

You can trust Woolley Home Solutions to find the best solution to your cooling problem.  We’ll perform your AC service thoroughly and rapidly, with your bottom line in mind.  So, before you get hot and bothered, contact Woolley Home Solutions today.


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Many common problems associated with whole house cooling systems can be traced to improper installation.  If you’ve noticed your home’s AC isn’t cooling as it should, shuts down before it cycles, blows warm air, or any other performance glitches, and contact the professionals at Woolley Home solutions for air conditioning services in New Jersey.  Small problems can quickly become big, and costly, AC repairs and may end up costing you a new system, if you wait.

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