Air Conditioning Repair in Nutley, NJ

$25 off air conditioning repairNew Jersey may not have the hottest weather, but there’s a good portion of summer where the high exceeds 90 every day. Your air conditioner has to perform well for many months on end, and then it has to sit in freezing temperatures over the winter. Suffice it to say, you’re going to need air conditioning repairs in Nutley even if you change the filter monthly and never forget a spring tune-up.

Woolley Home Solutions has you covered for fast, expert AC repair services in Nutley. Contact us today to schedule service!

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Nutley, NJ

Not all air conditioner problems are obvious. If you notice any differences in your cooling system—sounds, smells, excess humidity, or suspiciously high utility bills—then it’s worth getting our Nutley AC technicians to take a look. Common air conditioning issues include:

  • AC blowing hot air
  • AC cycles on and off repeatedly
  • Outdoor AC unit runs but no air blows inside
  • Frozen coil or water leaks
  • Coolant leaks
  • Rumbling noises or squealing sounds
  • Poor indoor air quality

Our Nutley Air Conditioning Repair Services

Woolley Home Solutions has a master HVACR license in New Jersey and a team of fully licensed and insured technicians. Our expertise translates into faster air conditioning repairs for our Nutley customers. We know how to diagnose all brands and models of air conditioners and we bring the right tools to the job, so we can often solve even a complicated cooling problem in one short visit.

We know that hiring an air conditioning company means placing a lot of trust in our hands. We’ve been serving the Nutley area since 1924 and we’re still a local, family-owned business. Ask us to perform your Nutley AC repairs, and we promise outstanding service and quality.

We want to be your trusted contractor for cooling, heating, plumbing, and more. Check out our HVAC service plans to sign up for priority emergency service!

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