East Orange Air Conditioning Repair

Although summers in New Jersey don’t last as long as other parts of the country, East Orange residents never quite get used to the hot, muggy days of summer. If you need fast and reliable air conditioning repair in East Orange, NJ there’s only one HVAC contractor to know – Woolley Home Solutions!

We have a rich history of providing East Orange residents with unrivaled AC repair services, from small jobs like refrigerant recharges to blower motor replacements and everything in between!

Call ​973-762-7400 or request service online for East Orange air conditioner repair from Woolley Home Solutions.

Why Call Woolley Home Solutions for AC Repair Services

We’re conveniently located in Maplewood, NJ, just a short drive from East Orange. We’ve serviced hundreds of homes in the East Orange area since we first opened our doors in 1924. As the area’s premier HVAC contractor for AC repair services, our team:

  • Restores your air conditioner to its original efficiency
  • Improves the indoor air quality of your home
  • Treats your home like it were our own
  • Passes rigorous training courses and stays current with the newest cooling equipment in the HVAC industry
  • Provides honest, upfront pricing

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in East Orange

If you notice any of the following signs, then your AC system is most likely in need of air conditioning repair. You should have our professional East Orange HVAC technicians address these issues as quickly as possible to help prevent the problem from getting any worse.

  • Your AC unit is producing odd sounds – Most AC systems make some kind of sound when they turn on. However, these sounds are usually no louder than a low hum. If you hear strange screeching or clanking sounds, then there’s most like something wrong with your AC unit. Either the fan belt has slipped off, or one of the unit’s components is broken or about to break.
  • Your air conditioner is leaking – If you notice excessive moisture or a puddle near your AC unit, it means that there’s a leak. This leak can either be the result of a refrigerant leak (which is a safety hazard) or a broken or clogged drain tube, in which case it’s just water. However, whatever the leak is, it needs to be addressed right away.
  • Your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home effectively – If your AC either has trouble cooling your home evenly or won’t cool your home effectively, then there could be a number of different problems. There may be something wrong with the air conditioning unit’s compressor, or there could simply be a problem with your thermostat.
  • Your AC smells like it’s burning – Burning smells can be normal if you haven’t used your AC in a while. In this case, it’s just dust or dirt burning off the coils. However, if the smell persists, there could be a larger problem at hand; for example, your air conditioning unit’s wire insulation may have burnt out.

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Day or night, weekday or weekend, call Woolley Home Solutions for the best air conditioning repair in East Orange, NJ and its surrounding areas! Give us a call at 973-762-7400 or request service online today for your needed AC repair services!​

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