Air Conditioning Maintenance in Union, NJ

If you’ve neglected your air conditioner for a few years, you probably learned a lesson the hard way. Air conditioning maintenance offers many of the same benefits of a dental checkup—a thorough inspection, cleaning, and fixing small problems before they get worse. When it’s time for an air conditioner tune-up in Union, NJ, you can turn to Woolley Home Solutions, the company that’s been looking after your home comfort for almost 100 years.

Our air conditioning maintenance service in Union includes a wide array of testing and tuning by a licensed, insured, highly trained HVAC professional. Afterward, your air conditioner will be in better position to run smoothly, quietly, and efficiently the rest of this season and beyond.

We offer annual tune-up service plans, or you can schedule a one-time AC maintenance in Union, NJ. Give us a call at 973-762-7400 or contact us online now!

What Happens During Our Union, NJ Air Conditioner Maintenance

As part of a complete inspection and tune-up, your Woolley Home Solutions technician will visually inspect and conduct testing on all the vital parts of your air conditioner.

  • Check air filter and airflow
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Clean evaporator coils
  • Test and adjust blower motor speed
  • Check thermostat leveling and operation
  • Adjust fan belt
  • Check refrigerant pressure
  • Check voltage and amperage
  • And more!

Licensed Pros for AC Maintenance in Union, NJ

Our primary goal is simply to get your AC running in the best possible shape. That leads to lower cooling bills, fewer unexpected repairs later, and better longevity for the equipment. Woolley Home Solutions brings experience and education to the job. Our licensed HVAC technicians are all highly trained and ready to service all brands of air conditioners.

We provide air conditioning maintenance for central systems as well as ductless AC tune-ups, heat pump tune-ups, and more.

When you schedule air conditioner maintenance in Union, NJ, we’ll make small repairs, calibrations, and optimizations as we inspect the unit. If we find significant damage or parts in need of replacement, your options will be clearly explained by our friendly, personable staff.

Why Woolley Home Solutions for AC Maintenance in Union?

Since 1924, Woolley Home Solutions has been based out of neighboring Maplewood, serving Union, Vauxhall, and nearby Union County townships. Our team includes some of Northern New Jersey’s top HVAC technicians.

Choosing us for air conditioner maintenance in Union, NJ means getting a licensed, certified professional to help improve your cooling efficiency and reliability—which adds up to a comfy summer avoiding the heat, and unnecessarily high bills. Find out what better customer service and technical skill can do for you with an AC tune-up in Union by Woolley Home Solutions!

Schedule AC Maintenance in Union, NJ

Want to get better performance out of your air conditioner this year? Contact us today for air conditioning maintenance in Union, NJ.

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