Air Conditioning Maintenance in North Plainfield, NJ

Long before your air conditioner cries out for help, it needs annual maintenance to keep running the way it should. Over time, the equipment loses its power as it gets clogged with dirt and riddled with parts that need small repairs. Woolley Home Solutions provides air conditioner maintenance in North Plainfield for better cooling, prevention of major problems, and lower energy bills, too!

If it’s been a year or longer since your last tune-up, contact us today to schedule air conditioner maintenance in North Plainfield, NJ.

Reasons to Call for AC Maintenance in North Plainfield

Some signs that you need air conditioner maintenance include poor airflow, warm air coming from the AC vents, louder noise when the AC runs, or simply higher than expected utility bills. Even if you don’t notice problems with the air conditioner, you should be aware that it gradually loses efficiency and power if neglected.

Woolley Home Solutions can set things right with North Plainfield air conditioner maintenance, cleaning, and systems testing. In fact, we can potentially improve the cooling comfort that you’ve grown used to! In the long run, a well-maintained air conditioner will also avoid the bigger repairs and stave off replacement for longer.

Professional AC Maintenance in North Plainfield, NJ

We conduct a 15-point system check as part of a complete air conditioner tune-up. Going beyond a simple visual exam, your Woolley AC technician will perform tests and checks of each component, including these important benchmarks and more:

  • Test the thermostat
  • Tighten AC wiring
  • Test capacitors
  • Check and clean air filters
  • Inspect the refrigerant
  • Adjust fan belt
  • Lubricate motor and bearings
  • Check condensate drain line
  • Check the compressor

North Plainfield’s Experts in Air Conditioning Maintenance

Woolley Home Solutions is a master HVAC contractor in Northern New Jersey that specializes in home comfort for our neighbors in North Plainfield. Our licensed, insured technicians know what to look for when we inspect and service air conditioners, no matter the make or model.

For almost 100 years, we’ve been serving North Plainfield with home services that keep you comfy and safe. For your air conditioner maintenance visit, our HVAC team brings the highest level of skill and expertise. We make performance adjustments, clean out clogs, and nip small problems in the bud.

Want to get the most energy-efficient, reliable performance out of your air conditioner this cooling season and beyond? Count on Woolley Home Solutions for a North Plainfield air conditioner tune-up.

Schedule AC Maintenance in North Plainfield

We recommend air conditioner service in the early spring before things heat up, but it’s never too late to make sure your HVAC equipment is running safe and sound. Contact Woolley Home Solutions or give us a call to request air conditioner maintenance in North Plainfield, NJ or elsewhere in Somerset County.

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