Air Conditioning Maintenance in Livingston, NJ

If you’ve ever dealt with a broken air conditioner on a hot July day in Livingston, NJ, you know that preventive maintenance is the better option. An air conditioner tune-up helps keep you and your family comfortable for the rest of this cooling season — and may lower your utility bills significantly. Woolley Home Solutions provides air conditioning maintenance in Livingston, NJ and throughout Essex County, performed by licensed and experienced HVAC technicians that you can trust.

Our AC maintenance service covers all the bases with a rigorous inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of all the vital components. Our Livingston air conditioning technicians are highly trained on all brands and types of air conditioners, including ductless units, heat pumps, and central air.

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What Is Included in Our Livingston AC Maintenance Service?

Tune-ups get your air conditioner working as close to brand new as possible. Annual cleaning and AC maintenance by our Livingston HVAC technicians will provide you with peace of mind that your air conditioner is ready to perform reliably and efficiently this summer.

Woolley Home Solutions offers both one-time air conditioner maintenance and annual HVAC service plans to residents in Livingston, NJ to help keep everything running smoothly:

  • Check the refrigerant — Low refrigerant makes the AC work harder and less efficiently. It’s actually a leading cause of frozen over air conditioners. We replenish your coolant and find any potential leaks.
  • Replace worn out parts — Some small AC parts will wear out faster than the unit itself. We inspect everything to find parts that are broken or look like they will fail soon and replace them as needed.
  • Inspect for repairs — We also look for repairs that need to be made now or in the near future and let you know about the issue. Woolley does not push unnecessary AC repairs on you; we just want to make sure you avoid major headaches down the road!
  • AC cleaning — Dirty or clogged parts such as the coil, condenser, and air handler need to be cleaned annually to maintain good indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Why Choose Woolley for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

We’ve been helping New Jersey stay comfortable and safe since 1924. Our Livingston HVAC team is comprised of licensed, insured professionals with top-notch skills and cutting-edge knowledge.

Proper air conditioning maintenance can actually improve your cooling system’s performance and energy efficiency. Woolley Home Solutions has the premier AC service experts in Livingston who can deliver the best efficiency and reliability — and we can do it all for an affordable price.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Livingston, NJ

At Woolley Home Solutions, we aim to be your total home comfort solutions provider. Find out how our amazing customer service and HVAC expertise can improve your comfort, lower your bills, and let you get through the summer without the stress of air conditioner problems.

Call 973-762-7400 or request air conditioner maintenance online by the top-notch service provider in Livingston, NJ!

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