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Can I use Biodiesel in my Oil Furnace?

There are a lot of reasons to use biodiesel – one of the main reasons being that it is one of the most cleanest burning fuels that you can use when compared to other types of fuels. However, if you have an oil furnace, you may be wondering if it’s possible to even use biodiesel. … Continue reading Can I use Biodiesel in my Oil Furnace?

Is Heating Oil Cheaper Than Gas Heating?

When it comes to heating your home or business, there are a number of different options. Heating oil is one such option, and it’s become a popular alternative to gas. However, before switching from heating oil to gas, you may be asking whether or not heating oil is cheaper than gas. Although this does depend … Continue reading Is Heating Oil Cheaper Than Gas Heating?

Does Heating Oil Go Bad?

There are many different benefits to using heating oil to heat your home or business. For example, heating oil is not explosive and therefore safer than a lot of alternatives. Heating oil systems are also very efficient and economical. However, you may question whether heating oil will go bad. For example, if you have heating … Continue reading Does Heating Oil Go Bad?

Winter Heating Tips

With winter’s chill approaching, the possibility of high heating bills is looming in the back of the minds of many homeowners in our area. While last winter was warm and heating costs low, it was only two years ago that we saw exceptionally cold weather and record high heating costs. At Woolley Home Solutions, we’d … Continue reading Winter Heating Tips

Fall Furnace Inspection

You probably haven’t had much use for your furnace this summer. However, temperatures are finally beginning to cool down as we head into fall, which means you’re going to start using your furnace sooner rather than later. Because your furnace has been unused for so long, it’s a good idea to schedule a furnace inspection … Continue reading Fall Furnace Inspection

Are Oil Furnaces Efficient?

When it comes to choosing a way to heat your home, there are a number of advantages to choosing an oil furnace. For one, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can have an oil furnace installed where ever you are. This isn’t necessarily true with gas furnaces since you’ll need to have gas lines. … Continue reading Are Oil Furnaces Efficient?

Heating Oil Prices for Fall 2016

Now that fall has arrived and winter is right around the corner, you may be concerned about the rise in heating oil prices. After all, heating oil was probably not in the greatest of demand during the summer – but now that temperatures are dropping, it will be. Fortunately, it’s capital that drives the oil … Continue reading Heating Oil Prices for Fall 2016

Why Is My AC Leaking?

When the temperature spikes outside, and your AC has to work extra hard to keep your New Jersey home cool, it’s normal to notice some condensation on your outdoor unit. However, if your system has a pool of water underneath it, or you can visibly see water dripping or leaking out of your AC, you … Continue reading Why Is My AC Leaking?

Propane Safety Tips

There are a lot of benefits to using propane over other fuels, such as gas. For example, a propane tank is more puncture resistant than tanks filled with gasoline, ethanol or methanol. Propane also has the lowest flammability ranting of all alternative fuels and will not ignite until the air reaches a minimum of 940 … Continue reading Propane Safety Tips

How to Access Your Account Online

Already a customer and want to access your account online? It’s easy to review your account, request service or make a payment. Your online account access is secure and your information is protected. Start by clicking on the top left of our web page here How to Login for the first time. You will need your account … Continue reading How to Access Your Account Online

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"While a number of fleets in New Jersey, including the Department of Transportation, have used biodiesel blends for many years, this pump opening marks the first time biodiesel will be sold directly to consumers in the state. We commend Woolley...

Joe Jobe CEO (National Biodiesel Board)
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