Air Conditioner Installation in Roselle, NJ

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You understand as well as we do that the summer climate and humidity in Roselle can be brutal, particularly in specific areas.  In fact, some of our highest record-breaking temperatures rival more tropical climates.  Providing cool comfort to your Roselle home through AC installation is one of our primary concerns at Woolley Home Solutions.

Woolley Home Solutions has been providing home comfort to residents of Roselle, New Jersey and surrounding areas, for over 95 years!  First, through supplying our neighbors with heating fuel, beginning in 1924, and then adding to our expertise by installing and servicing HVAC systems, as well as plumbing, remodeling, and eventually becoming experts in the field of biofuel and green technology.  Woolley Home Solutions has stayed in step with the needs of our Roselle neighbors all along the way.

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Air Conditioner Installation in Roselle, NJ & Surrounding Areas

Purchasing a cooling system for your home is no small task.  Choosing the AC system which will suit your home, your family, and your budget requires careful thought and research. We know getting the most for your money is your primary goal. You want the very best system you can afford and want to be confident that your home cooling system will continue to provide comfort long after your AC installation is complete.

Choosing the right system for your home, whether as a replacement for your current AC unit, or a brand new whole-house system, is simply the first step in the AC installation process.  Knowing your system is installed by experienced technicians is essential to the life of your air conditioner and the payoff for your investment.

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Our AC Installation Process for Roselle Homes

Our HVAC contractors are highly skilled and ready to take on any air conditioner installation in Roselle that you may need. Our AC installation process includes:

  • Speaking with you about your home and the kind of air conditioners you’ve had in the past.
  • Assessing your home to figure out the best size, make, and model for you.
  • Helping you choose the best air conditioner for your needs and budget.
  • Properly and carefully install the AC unit.
  • Ensuring your new AC system is working properly.

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Your Certified Luxaire Air Conditioner Dealer in Roselle, New Jersey

Woolley Home Solutions is proud to be a Certified Luxaire®  Dealer serving Roselle residents. Luxaire HVAC products are well-known for their efficiency, versatility, and value.


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Trust Your Air Conditioner Installation to Woolley Home Solutions

Woolley Home Solutions recognizes that even the best system available is only as good as the technicians who install it. Making sure your home cooling system is working properly from that first day forward is one of the reasons why Woolley Home Solutions is the most trusted name in Roselle for home cooling.

If you’re in the Roselle area and would like to know more about a new central cooling system, air conditioner installation, or air conditioner replacement, call us today at (973) 762-7400 or contact us online.

Your comfort is important to us and we take your trust in our ability seriously.  For 95 years, we’ve been providing quality heating and cooling services to our neighbors in Roselle and the surrounding areas.

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