Air Conditioning Replacement in East Orange, NJ

It can be a real headache to have to replace your air conditioner, especially if it’s in the middle of summer when you rely on it the most. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t control when your AC needs to be replaced. What you can control is who you hire to replace it. Making sure you work with a reputable HVAC service will ensure that your AC gets replaced quickly and properly so that you and your family don’t have to go without air conditioning for long.

Here at Woolley Fuel, we provide top-notch AC replacement services throughout the East Orange, NJ area. To schedule an AC replacement service in East Orange, contact us at Woolley Fuel online or call us today.

Signs You Need AC Replacement

When your AC breaks down completely, it’s usually an obvious sign that it needs to be replaced. However, not all signs are that obvious. The following are a few signs that indicate it may be time to replace your current air conditioning system:

  • Repairs are too expensive – If your air conditioner starts having issues and the cost of repairs is expensive, you may be better off just taking that money and investing it into a new AC. Generally speaking, if the cost of repair is more than half of what a new AC system would cost, you should forego the repairs and just have it replaced.
  • Too many repairs – If you keep having to pay for repairs, then a replacement may be in order. Even if repair costs aren’t that much, they’re going to add up.
  • Poor efficiency – If cooling costs have risen considerably, your AC may have a problem causing it to run inefficiently. A new AC may be the only way to fix this.
  • Too old – ACs over ten years old tend to have more issues with their efficiency and effectiveness. At this point, you may be better off replacing it.

Our East Orange AC Replacement Services

First of all, our HVAC technicians are fully licensed and insured. They also have the training and experience necessary to remove your current AC system and install any other type of system, no matter the brand. We will carefully remove your current unit and properly size and install a new system to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently for as long as possible.

Choosing Woolley Fuel

We hold our technicians to a very high standard here at Woolley Fuel, which is how we’ve been able to provide the best possible HVAC services and customer service possible. In fact, we’ve built a reputation for our customer service, and it’s one of the reasons why we’ve been able to serve the East Orange, NJ area for more than nine decades. When it comes to air conditioner replacement in East Orange, few services are as trustworthy and reliable as we are.

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